Novopress ACO-203


  • Metal up to 54mm M-Profile
  • Metal up to 108mm V-Profile
  • Low Weight
  • Milwaukie M18 Battery Platform
  • Brushless Motor
  • Light Weight
  • Illumination  of the Press Area for safe working
  • Reduced need for Maintenance due to new motor Technology
  • Analysis of pressing tool performance viz NovoCheck App

ACO-203 Product specifications

Nominal sizes metal up to 54mm (M-Profile) up to 108mm (V-Profile)

Nominal sizes plastic up to 110 mm

Weight Including Battery 2.8 kg

Length 387 mm

Width 75 mm

Height 111 mm

Power Consumption 450 W

Piston force 32 kN

Piston stroke 40 mm

Battery pack M18 ™ Milwaukee® Battery System 1

Battery capacity 2 up to 250 pressings

Charging time 3 30-60 min.

1all capacities available from Milwaukee® on the market can be used

2depending on the processed material, nominal widths and battery capacity

3depending on the battery capacity