What Press tools do we Service?

We service all Novopress Press Tools, Jaws and Slings as well as Novopress OEM units including Kempress, Milwaukie and Geberit press tools.

How much does it cost to service my press tool?

The cost of service and/or repair will depend on the condition, age of the tooling. Pricing can only be accurately determined when the Tool, Jaws and batteries have been inspected in our service facility. Regular servicing and inspection will reduce the cost rather than waiting for the tool to stop working.

How do I get my Press Tool Serviced?

Contact us and we will arrange pick up from you to facilitate quoting and inspection.

How Long Does it take to get my Press Tool Serviced?

We will provide quoting on tooling within 24 hours of receipt and repair works will be 1-2 days from approval. Some repair times maybe longer depending on work load and spare parts availability.

How often should I get my Press Tool Serviced?

Novopress recommend servicing of Tools, Jaws and Sling every 2 Years or defined cycles what ever occurs first.

What is the Warranty on my Novopress Tool?

Novopress Tooling has a 2 year warranty that will be extended by 12 months if the tool is serviced within the first 2 years.

Do You Sell Spare Parts?

Unfortunatly we do not sell spare parts and all works are required to be carried out in our service facility.